Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Timothy   WALKER Naskatucket 04/22/1862
View William H.C WALKER Riverside 07/24/1915
View William   WALKER Riverside 04/16/1911
View William E. WALKER Riverside 12/04/1908
View Alice V. WALLS Riverside 04/10/1964
View Ray C. WALLS Riverside 08/16/1950
View Lewis C. WALMBOLDT Riverside  
View Bertha A. WALMSLEY Riverside 04/26/1946
View Catherine   WALMSLEY Riverside 08/08/1954
View Elizabeth   WALMSLEY Riverside 01/15/1958
View Joseph   WALMSLEY Riverside 04/13/1930
View Tom   WALMSLEY Riverside 02/11/1968
View Norman   WALSH Naskatucket 06/04/1992
View Russell H. WALSH Riverside 03/19/1920
View Winona A. WALSH Naskatucket 02/02/1983
View Paul J. WALSKI Riverside 08/20/1968
View Lewis C., Jr. WAMBOLDT Riverside 05/09/1966
View Annie   WARBURTON Riverside 06/22/1953
View Elizabeth A. WARBURTON Riverside 02/18/1944
View Jack   WARBURTON Riverside 06/04/1951