Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View George D. WEEDEN Naskatucket 10/13/1866
View Henrietta H. WEEDEN Naskatucket 10/18/1912
View Henry F. WEEDEN Naskatucket 04/01/1876
View John C. WEEDEN Naskatucket 07/11/1854
View John   WEEDEN Naskatucket 01/01/1879
View Marion   WEEDEN Riverside  
View Arthur W. WEEKS Riverside 07/14/1962
View Benjamin J. WEEKS Riverside 10/06/1917
View Edith L. WEEKS Riverside 11/13/1927
View Francis E.W. WELLS Riverside 07/22/1905
View Joseph A. WENZEL Riverside  
View Joseph W. WESGATE Riverside 01/26/1906
View Marion   WESOLOWSKI Naskatucket  
View Mitchell   WESOLOWSKI Naskatucket  
View Stephen   WESOLOWSKI Naskatucket 01/30/2000
View Adis   WEST Riverside 06/02/1930
View Asa   WEST Riverside 08/01/1904
View Charles T. WEST Riverside 02/08/1852
View Cynthia   WEST Woodside 06/01/1863
View David O. WEST Riverside 11/26/1897