Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Betty J. VIVEIROS Riverside 03/11/1944
View Elizabeth L. VIVEIROS Naskatucket  
View Ernest   VIVEIROS Naskatucket 07/12/1998
View Alan   WADDINGTON Naskatucket 05/04/2016
View Lynne M. WADDINGTON Naskatucket 03/07/2008
View Marie J. WADDINGTON Naskatucket  
View Harvey   WADSWORTH Riverside 11/11/1896
View Laurence   WADSWORTH Riverside 01/11/1900
View Louisa   WADSWORTH Riverside 12/26/1931
View Mary A. WADSWORTH Riverside 01/24/1900
View Mary A. WADSWORTH Riverside 11/05/1894
View Carl E. WAGER Naskatucket 08/10/2014
View Doris B. WAGER Naskatucket 10/16/2006
View Mary A. WAGNER Riverside 05/17/1918
View Mary R. WAGNER Riverside 12/20/1897
View William K. WAGNER Riverside 04/25/1923
View Ellen   WAHLGREN Riverside 10/21/1941
View Herman E. WAHLGREN Riverside 04/29/1944
View Alice M. WAITE Naskatucket  
View George C. WAITE Riverside 06/16/1961