Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
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View Arne M. AADLAND Riverside 11/13/2003
View Ingbord   AADLAND Riverside  
View Ingborp   AADLAND Riverside 05/30/1993
View Lars   AADLAND Riverside 05/18/2005
View Per   AADLAND Riverside 01/15/1981
View Celia   ABBOTT Riverside 02/17/1940
View Oseola?   ABBOTT Riverside 12/04/1919
View Vernice W. ABBOTT Riverside 05/05/1983
View Vernice N. ABBOTT Riverside 05/05/1983
View Wallace H. ABBOTT Riverside 10/05/1971
View Thomas W. ABEL Riverside 10/25/2001
View Rangvald   ABELSEN Naskatucket 08/29/1949
View Gust   ABRAMSON Riverside 06/29/1979
View Randi T. ABRAMSON Riverside 11/30/1984
View Manuel   ABRANTES Riverside 05/26/2008
View Eleanor   ABREAU Riverside 03/30/2010
View Ann   ACKSEN Riverside 04/01/1987