Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Steven   AFTHEMEADES Riverside 09/28/1968
View Lucy E. AGNALT Naskatucket 07/10/1961
View Theodore T. AGNALT Naskatucket 04/05/1991
View Deborah A. AGUIAR Riverside 06/29/1995
View Silvina   AGUIAR Riverside 06/22/1995
View Victoria M. AGUIAR Riverside  
View Albert C. AIKEN Riverside 06/05/1932
View Alice L. AIKEN Riverside 09/03/1954
View Archie C. AIKEN Riverside 06/08/1964
View Dorothy M. AIKEN Riverside 05/04/2003
View Frederick, Jr. W. AIKEN Riverside 04/01/1969
View Warren V. AIKEN Riverside 08/17/1988
View Robert   AINDOW Riverside 11/03/1920
View Almira C. AKIN Naskatucket  
View Annie E. AKIN Riverside 06/24/1899
View Annie F. AKIN Riverside 04/08/1909
View Bart   AKIN Naskatucket 01/24/1863
View Bartholemew   AKIN Riverside 06/14/1841
View Bartholemew   AKIN Naskatucket 03/24/1835
View Bartholomew   AKIN Riverside 06/24/1863