Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Barsillia S. ADAMS Riverside 11/17/1842
View Charles F. ADAMS Riverside 11/28/1901
View Charlotte F. ADAMS Riverside 04/22/1923
View Eliza   ADAMS Riverside 02/08/1849
View Elizabeth   ADAMS Riverside 04/03/1846
View John T. ADAMS Riverside 04/30/1912
View Lottie L. ADAMS Riverside 10/08/1893
View Mary A. ADAMS Riverside 11/26/1893
View Susan A. ADAMS Riverside 06/04/1896
View Thomas   ADAMS Riverside 09/29/1798
View John M. ADRIANO Riverside 05/14/2010
View Maria A. ADRIANO Riverside 08/17/1998
View David M. AFFONCE Riverside 06/01/1963
View Kenneth E. AFFONCE Naskatucket 05/06/2001
View Kenneth W. AFFONCE Naskatucket  
View Michele R. AFFONCE Naskatucket  
View Marianela Mijoba   AFRICANO Naskatucket 05/23/1998
View Rose Anna   AFTHEMEADES Riverside 02/26/1988
View Steven   AFTHEMEADES Riverside 09/28/1968
View Steven D. AFTHEMEADES Riverside 10/10/1984