Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View     ALDEN ? Naskatucket  
View Sharon Hughes ALDERMAN Riverside 04/09/1997
View Michelle L. ALEXANDER Riverside 12/04/2005
View Alexander   ALEXION Riverside 11/13/1984
View Angelica H. ALEXION Riverside 09/24/2002
View Lazarus   ALEXION Riverside 09/05/2011
View Markos   ALEXION Riverside 06/15/1948
View Olive   ALEXION Riverside 10/01/1993
View Olive   ALEXION Riverside 10/01/1993
View Vasiliki   ALEXION Riverside 04/03/1985
View Marie T. ALLAIRE Riverside 03/03/2000
View Ada E. ALLARD Naskatucket 01/01/1985
View Edwin A. ALLARD Riverside 03/23/1947
View Nillie W. ALLARD Riverside 05/22/1928
View Norman   ALLARD Riverside 03/12/1973
View Abigail   ALLEN Riverside 11/23/1842
View Adeline W. ALLEN Riverside 01/09/1894
View Alborne   ALLEN Riverside 03/08/1871
View Alden   ALLEN Riverside 01/28/1851
View Alice G. ALLEN Riverside 10/05/1961