Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Mabel   AKIN Naskatucket 08/15/1887
View Mary   AKIN Riverside 11/13/1822
View Mary A. AKIN Riverside 11/18/1976
View Mary E. AKIN Riverside 03/01/1935
View Mercy D. AKIN Riverside 04/06/1832
View Mercy   AKIN Naskatucket  
View Nancy   AKIN Naskatucket 02/20/1828
View Nathaniel H. B. AKIN Riverside 03/15/1872
View Prince S. AKIN Naskatucket  
View Raymond Jr. W. AKIN Riverside 12/15/1975
View Rebecca A. AKIN Riverside 06/18/1854
View Sarah E. AKIN Riverside 11/21/1883
View Sarah A. AKIN Riverside 08/07/1865
View John   AKIN JR. Riverside 05/23/1917
View Adolph   ALBERDT Riverside 08/19/1975
View Abigail   ALBERT Woodside 09/22/1837
View Ivory C. ALBERT Woodside 02/07/1866
View Phebe H. ALBERT Riverside 02/22/1879
View Anna M. ALBISTON Riverside 02/26/1951
View Beryl   ALBISTON Riverside 05/11/1928