Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Samuel P. ALDEN Naskatucket 08/17/1840
View Sarah M. ALDEN Riverside 03/06/1905
View Sarah F. ALDEN Riverside 06/10/1845
View Serena   ALDEN Naskatucket 06/18/1875
View Seth F. ALDEN Riverside 12/10/1932
View Seth   ALDEN Riverside 12/07/1906
View Silas P. ALDEN Naskatucket 07/12/1869
View Susan L. ALDEN Naskatucket 10/02/1872
View Susan M. ALDEN Naskatucket 04/29/1853
View William N. ALDEN Naskatucket 04/02/1897
View William K. ALDEN Naskatucket 07/06/1948
View William P. ALDEN Naskatucket 11/19/1887
View William F. ALDEN Naskatucket 01/04/1875
View     ALDEN ? Naskatucket  
View Sharon Hughes ALDERMAN Riverside 04/09/1997
View Michelle L. ALEXANDER Riverside 12/04/2005
View Alexander   ALEXION Riverside 11/13/1984
View Angelica H. ALEXION Riverside 09/24/2002
View Lazarus   ALEXION Riverside 09/05/2011
View Markos   ALEXION Riverside 06/15/1948