Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Yvonne C. VERTEFEUILLE Riverside  
View Johan E. VESTVIK Riverside 02/24/1960
View Seraphine   VIATOR Riverside 08/17/1960
View Maynard F. VICKERY Naskatucket 07/07/1989
View Joseph   VICTORINO Riverside  
View Mary L. VIEARA Riverside  
View Jesse C. VIEIRA Riverside  
View Walter G. VIEIRA Riverside  
View Eva   VIENS Riverside  
View Henry J. VIENS Riverside 03/27/1936
View Dince S. VIG Riverside 04/26/1961
View Ivan O. VIG Riverside 08/11/1960
View Charles R. VILLA Naskatucket 08/08/2008
View Patricia G. VILLA Naskatucket 02/02/2015
View Harry E. VINCENS Riverside 01/23/1922
View Fred L. VINCENT Riverside 11/05/1910
View Susan B. VINCENT Riverside 02/22/1969
View Olive B. VINING Riverside  
View Joseph R. VITAL Naskatucket 01/05/2010
View Ruth J. VITAL Naskatucket