Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Elizabeth A. WARBURTON Riverside 02/18/1944
View Jack   WARBURTON Riverside 06/04/1951
View John   WARBURTON Riverside 07/12/1936
View John   WARBURTON Riverside 10/06/1946
View Joseph   WARBURTON Riverside 09/03/1964
View Joseph   WARBUTON Riverside 05/03/1969
View Hannah   WARD Riverside 10/02/1968
View Harry   WARD Riverside 01/01/1951
View Harry   WARD Riverside 09/17/1969
View Jack   WARD Riverside  
View Ralph L. WARD Riverside 03/02/1927
View Joseph   WARDEN Riverside 06/02/1969
View Henry J. WARDICK Riverside  
View Margaret   WARNACK Naskatucket 12/09/1855
View Elsie   WARWICK Riverside  
View Fanny F. WARWICK Riverside 10/22/1950
View Jean   WARWICK Riverside 12/28/1937
View John   WARWICK Riverside 02/20/1934
View Richard   WARWICK Riverside  
View Richard   WARWICK Riverside 07/26/1930