Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Elton S. WILDE Riverside 02/07/1948
View Harold   WILDE Riverside 03/14/1933
View Henry B WILDE Riverside 03/20/1875
View Hiram F. WILDE Riverside 05/23/1920
View Isabella   WILDE Riverside 11/15/1963
View James   WILDE Riverside 07/07/1942
View Jenny A. WILDE Riverside  
View Lorenzo F. WILDE Riverside 11/11/1942
View Mary Jane   WILDE Riverside 12/31/1933
View Nathaniel T. WILDE Riverside 05/02/1925
View Webster   WILDE Riverside  
View Frances M. WILDE-RICHARDS Riverside 01/31/1986
View Edwin T. WILEOT? Riverside 11/18/1905
View Johannes H. WILKELMUSEN Riverside 02/29/1964
View Nancy   WILKEY Woodside 08/21/1877
View David A. WILKIE Woodside 11/15/1897
View Elmira F. WILKIE Riverside 12/26/1906
View Emma   WILKIE Riverside 06/20/1893
View James A. WILKIE Woodside 08/12/1876
View Joshua H. WILKIE Riverside 11/12/1901