Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Julia A. WILKIE Riverside 04/08/1899
View Vanita C. WILKIE Riverside 08/11/1892
View Annie M. WILKINSON Riverside 01/04/1958
View Annie   WILKINSON Riverside 11/30/1921
View Dinah   WILKINSON Riverside 11/20/1906
View Florence M. WILKINSON Riverside 09/07/1954
View Gladys H. WILKINSON Riverside 09/04/1910
View Hartley   WILKINSON Riverside 08/30/1929
View John   WILKINSON Riverside 09/16/1925
View Martha A. WILKINSON Riverside 01/15/1944
View Richard   WILKINSON Riverside 09/20/1917
View Abby A. WILLCOX Woodside 09/17/1870
View Albert M. WILLCOX Riverside 02/28/1916
View Burgess   WILLCOX Riverside 09/10/1915
View Duston F. S. WILLCOX Woodside 05/03/1832
View Edward H. WILLCOX Woodside 08/07/1878
View Ellen E. WILLCOX Riverside 01/13/1907
View Ellery   WILLCOX Riverside  
View Hannah (Jennie) J. WILLCOX Woodside 07/24/1883
View Harriet C. WILLCOX Riverside 12/11/1910