Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Lemuel T. WILLCOX Riverside 01/01/1917
View Louisa M. WILLCOX Riverside 08/13/1882
View Lydia A. WILLCOX Woodside 07/08/1848
View Mary L. WILLCOX Woodside 09/08/1869
View Sarah H. WILLCOX Riverside 08/06/1916
View Susan E. WILLCOX Woodside 11/28/1885
View Susan H. WILLCOX Riverside 11/03/1881
View Susan P. WILLCOX Riverside 05/21/1916
View Jessie M. WILLEY Riverside 12/06/1918
View Maria E. WILLIAM Riverside 03/16/1914
View Alfred   WILLIAMS Riverside 08/29/1908
View Benjamin   WILLIAMS Riverside 10/31/1825
View Betsy   WILLIAMS Riverside 11/13/1861
View Brycia M. WILLIAMS Riverside 08/25/1952
View Charles F. WILLIAMS Riverside 10/09/1889
View Clarence S. WILLIAMS Riverside 05/22/1942
View Cora M. WILLIAMS Riverside 02/21/1941
View Deborah H. WILLIAMS Riverside 12/05/1896
View Dona G WILLIAMS Riverside 03/10/1878
View Edward F. WILLIAMS Riverside 09/02/1903