Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View David J. ALMOND Riverside 08/13/1966
View David J. ALMOND Riverside 08/13/1966
View Doris O. ALMOND Riverside 02/27/1977
View Louis J. ALMOND Naskatucket 09/13/1989
View     ALMY Riverside 07/06/1859
View Edwin R. ALMY Riverside 05/27/1867
View Frederic   ALMY Riverside 09/06/1851
View George F. ALMY Riverside 09/15/1851
View Giles P. ALMY Riverside 05/13/1912
View Harriet Hammond ALMY Riverside 02/14/1851
View Harriet H. ALMY Riverside 07/06/1859
View Nathaniel C. ALMY Riverside  
View Rachel   ALMY Riverside 08/22/1975
View Susan F. ALMY Woodside 08/22/1902
View Tilson B. ALMY Riverside 01/16/1957
View Antone M. ALPHONSE Riverside 03/18/1978
View Antone R. ALPHONSE Riverside 03/15/2012
View Louise A. ALPHONSE Riverside 02/13/2008
View Manuel   ALPHONSE Riverside 11/10/2002
View Wiliam J. ALPHONSE Riverside 10/09/2002