Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Theordore A WOODMAN Riverside 02/08/1877
View Elizabeth   WOODS Riverside 12/11/1923
View Hugh   WOODS Riverside 11/16/1922
View Lydia P. WOODS Riverside  
View Franklin E. WOODWARD Riverside 11/05/1916
View Lena G. WOODWARD Riverside 09/30/1964
View William B. WOODWARD Riverside 09/25/1933
View John L. WORDELL Riverside  
View Mary   WORDELL Riverside 07/13/1986
View Mary E. WORDEN Riverside 12/29/1989
View Andrew   WORSLEY Riverside 10/07/1907
View John R. WORSWICK Woodside  
View Lauline   WORSWICK Woodside  
View Alton E. WOTTON Riverside 09/09/1988
View Walter J. WOUTOWICZ Riverside  
View Ada M. WRIGHT Riverside 03/10/1944
View Dorothy   WRIGHT Riverside  
View Jessie T. WRIGHT Riverside 09/04/1918
View Mary   WRIGHT Riverside 03/25/1989
View Alden B. WRIGHTINGTON Riverside 02/25/1953