Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Rebekah   WOOD Riverside 09/04/1815
View Rebekah   WOOD Riverside 09/05/1805
View Rosetta H WOOD Riverside 07/15/1859
View Sarah H WOOD Riverside 04/14/1864
View Sarah H WOOD Riverside 04/01/1864
View Sarah H WOOD Riverside  
View Sophia S. WOOD Naskatucket 05/20/1866
View Theophilus   WOOD Riverside 02/01/1891
View Walter D. WOOD Riverside 06/13/1962
View William B. WOOD Riverside 12/06/1930
View William W. WOOD Riverside 11/20/1932
View William T. WOOD Riverside 11/19/1967
View Alfred   WOODCOCK Riverside 05/11/1950
View Elizabeth   WOODCOCK Riverside 08/07/1942
View Charles C. WOODMAN Riverside 10/26/1890
View Henrietta D. WOODMAN Riverside 12/15/1904
View Theordore A WOODMAN Riverside 02/08/1877
View Elizabeth   WOODS Riverside 12/11/1923
View Hugh   WOODS Riverside 11/16/1922
View Lydia P. WOODS Riverside