Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Susan D. WINTER Riverside 04/23/1921
View Fred   WINTERBOTTOM Riverside 09/17/1942
View John   WINTERBOTTOM Riverside 02/17/1923
View Nancy A. WINTERBOTTOM Riverside 07/18/1946
View Joanna   WINTERS Riverside 11/18/1898
View David   WISH Riverside 08/24/1894
View Mary A. WISH Riverside 05/17/1893
View Ruth S. WISH Riverside 03/06/1894
View Ann M WIST Riverside 10/18/1846
View Helen M. WIXON Riverside 04/21/1890
View Oscar F. WIXON Riverside 08/13/1901
View Sarah E. WIXON Riverside 12/21/1892
View Antone   WOJCIK Riverside 02/26/1988
View Elizabeth   WOJCIK Riverside 10/27/1986
View John A. WOJCIK Riverside 11/27/1987
View Irene T. WOJICK Riverside 03/16/1990
View Frank   WOJTOWICZ Riverside 03/17/1991
View Charles   WONG Riverside 06/13/1951
View Jade   WONG Riverside  
View Sherman   WONG Riverside