Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View James   WING Riverside 04/04/1864
View John H. WING Riverside 09/18/1920
View Laura M. WING Riverside 11/18/1945
View Priscilla B WING Riverside 11/27/1867
View Reubin   WING Riverside 07/06/1874
View Arlene M. WINGERT Naskatucket  
View Chester D. WINGERT Naskatucket 04/01/1979
View Abner W. WINSLOW Woodside 11/22/1838
View Edward T. WINSLOW Woodside 12/17/1896
View James W. WINSLOW Riverside 08/25/1889
View John P. WINSLOW Woodside 09/12/1842
View John Jr. P. WINSLOW Woodside 12/14/1887
View Joseph G. WINSLOW Woodside 12/21/1831
View Luther A. WINSLOW Woodside 05/03/1894
View Lydia T. WINSLOW Woodside 09/13/1877
View Samuel G. WINSLOW Woodside 11/23/1865
View Sarah   WINSLOW Woodside 09/17/1891
View Seraphine   WINSLOW Woodside 01/14/1899
View Emily P. WINSON Riverside 12/27/1880
View Walter P. WINSON JR. Riverside 06/29/1911