Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Judith (colored)   WILSON Woodside 10/18/1849
View Lawrence E. WILSON Riverside 07/09/1970
View Margaret   WILSON Riverside 10/22/1951
View Mary M. WILSON Riverside 10/20/1947
View Rebecca   WILSON Riverside 10/17/1890
View Samuel H. WILSON Riverside 03/22/1936
View Sophia P. WILSON Riverside 08/02/1950
View Virginia L. WILSON Riverside 07/31/1957
View William E. WILSON Riverside 03/07/1964
View William W. WILSON Riverside 05/13/1920
View William K. WILSON Riverside  
View William   WILSON Naskatucket 02/03/1845
View Zilpha M. WILSON Naskatucket 01/03/2006
View Helen E. WIMAR Riverside 03/11/1960
View Arnold E. WIMER Riverside 01/03/1988
View Gertrude   WINCHESTER Riverside 07/25/1960
View Herbert B. WINCHESTER Riverside 01/25/1956
View Mercy P. WINCHESTER Naskatucket 01/09/1892
View Caroline B WING Riverside 07/26/1871
View Charles H. WING Woodside 06/30/1849