Fairhaven Cemetery Records

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View First name M.I. Last name Cemetery Date of death
View Baby   YORK Riverside 05/27/1938
View Charlotte   YORK Riverside 10/29/1955
View Christopher   YORK Riverside 01/10/1969
View Earl B. YORK Riverside 02/16/1963
View Emma   YORK Riverside 09/21/1958
View Ernest L. R. YORK Riverside 02/20/1903
View George B. YORK Riverside 07/22/1931
View George B. YORK Riverside 01/09/1938
View Oren S. YORK Riverside 12/09/1963
View Rexford A. YORK Riverside 06/15/1957
View infant   YORK Riverside 11/24/1934
View infant   YORK Riverside 08/11/1944
View Amy L. YOUNG Riverside 07/19/1968
View Caroline N. YOUNG Riverside 11/15/1935
View Daisy E. YOUNG Riverside 07/28/1950
View Edward   YOUNG Riverside 03/03/1968
View George U. YOUNG Riverside  
View John   YOUNG Riverside 02/03/1926
View Marion A. YOUNG Riverside 07/18/1939
View Percy H. YOUNG Riverside 10/07/1958